Extras Boogie Bear Invitations Extra Proof Format JPG PDF Additional Proof Custom Personalized Priority Extra Baner Letters Premium Services

Extras Boogie Bear Invitations Extra Proof Format JPG PDF Additional Proof Custom Personalized Priority Extra Baner Letters Premium Services

Boogie Bear Invitations
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Need some extras? Need additional formatting? No problem! This "Extras" fee has you covered. This fee is for an extra service request made AFTER you have already purchased an item. Services and pricing available in the drop-down menu under "Pricing".

There are 6 types of Extras available:
• Extra Proof: Good for needing an additional change that exceeds your 2 permitted proofs - (good for 2 extra proofs)
• Extra Format Requests: Good for an additional format - JPEG or PDF only
• Extra Text Upgrade: Good for extra wording needing for a product
• Text Change Upgrade: Good for when a change to text is needed outside normal design outline
• Text Edit: Good for text change after final file given
• Formatting Requests: Good for bleed and trim requests for 3rd party printing
• RUSH: Do NOT purchase this option without first sending an email to see if there is time to complete your request.
• Layout Change: Good for banner layout changes
• Graphics Changes: Good for 1 change to graphics, such as moving/changing/deleting a graphic image - you must first check with us for the changes needed as some changes are not possible

•Refunds will NOT be given for RUSH order purchases not approved in advance - you must 1st email us to discuss the terms and fees.
A few Examples:
• You purchase party invitation, but have exceeded your max allotted 2 proofs, and need another revision. Then an "Extra Proof" is the selection for you!* (good for 2 extra proofs)

• You purchase "Paperless Printable" party invitation, but need an extra format - JPEG and PDF formats. Then an "Extra Format" is the selection for you!

• You purchase "Paperless Printable" party invitation, but need bleed/trim marks around your invitation to print at a 3rd party printing location. Then a "Trim/Bleed Format" is the selection for you!

• You purchased some items, but need your items sooner than the stated turnaround time - Then a "RUSH Order" is the selection for you! This selection MUST be approved by us before purchasing - Do NOT purchase without prior approval.

• Your purchased a party item, but need a text change that is not included in the original design - Then "Text Change Upgrade" is needed *please contact us before purchasing - price could vary*

• Your purchased a party item, but want to change the original layout design - Then "Layout Change" is needed *please contact us before purchasing - price could vary*

• You purchase a party banner, but would like a change or omission to a portion of the graphics. Then a "Graphics Change" is the change for you. You must first check with us to see if you.r graphics change is possible. This selection MUST be pre-approved before purchasing - Please do NOT purchase without prior approval

Please contact us with any questions/concerns before purchasing.
If you plan on purchasing a paperless printable to have it printed by a third party (including yourself), you are solely responsible for making sure that the format (JPEG or PDF) and sizing meets your third party requirements. If you need any bleed/trim marks, sizing, color change, or any other printing changes, this is a premium service and additional charges will apply. The paperless printable option is a service offered for those who are familiar with the formats offered, and can open, support, and print these formats. Please ask your third party service if they can accept the sizing and file types available prior to purchasing.

Boogie Bear Invitations offers printing services to the United States, and is NOT responsible for second and third party printing problems with alignment, spacing, color, format, or any other issues regarding printing from second and third parties.

Visit our website for more exciting designs and accessories: www.boogiebearinvitations.com
In a hurry? Need your party items faster than the stated turnaround time? We may be able to help! Rush Service is get your party items to you as fast as possible. Rush does not mean that other customers wait, but is for us to work outside our normal business hours (evening, weekends, hire extra help) to finish your party items as fast as possible. Rush is based on availability and is not automatically guaranteed to be available for all items at all times, and MUST be approved beforehand.

The current market cost (listed in the drop-down menu under "Pricing") is to RUSH a "paperless printable" invitation - Proof within 4 hours of payment receipt of the Rush Purchase. This excludes 9pm-8am (no overnight service available) and some holidays/weekends - Please inquire about this service before purchasing to ensure availability and cost.

Please note:
We can only guarantee the "Ship by" date and shipping method and NOT the arrival date. We don't anticipate any troubles, but just want you to be aware of our policy on shipped items. Additional shipping fees may also apply. Rush prices are set based on the current workload and expenses to fulfill the Custom Order. Please inquire for more information on this popular service upgrade.

Cost for this service is based on 1 item (such as party invitations. If you need multiple items rushed, you'll need to check with us first to see if we can accommodate your larger rush order.
Other extra services as specified via Etsy emails - Please select this option if you've discussed your special service upgrade with us and agree to the cost, terms, and conditions.
The Fine Print:
The Boogie Bear Invitations oval logo will NOT appear on the final products. The Boogie Bear Invitations signature WILL appear on the back side of all invitations and announcements.

By purchasing any product from Boogie Bear Invitations you agree to the policies and conditions stated both in the listing AND the "Shipping & Policies" section of our shop. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the policies and conditions of Boogie Bear Invitations prior to purchasing, to ensure a positive buying experience.

Boogie Bear Invitations is not responsible for printing problems with alignment or color variations. Troubleshoot margin and color problems on your computer and printer to achieve the appropriate final product.

*Please note that extra proofs are for text corrections only - changes in color, placement, or graphics are not included in the proof revisions. They are an additional cost not covered in the proof fee.

Please remember that computer monitors and smart phones display colors differently. Colors on products you receive may vary slightly from the image you see on your screen. Please contact us for information on receiving a printed proof.

COPYRIGHT: Boogie Bear Invitations - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. We encourage friendly inspiration gathering, however this design is for personal use only. Commercial use, file sharing, or re-selling the design in its whole, or any part is not allowed, and in violation of copyright laws. All items on our BoogieBearInvitation Etsy shop and our website, www.boogiebearinvitations.com, are subject to these copyright terms.

Thank you for visiting Boogie Bear Invitations! Y'all come back and see us!

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